Moorfield Hill Farm covers an area of 160ha of pristine, diverse grassland sloping down into a beautiful deep kloof with dense ancient forest, mostly yellow-wood. The grassland is much prized for its wild flowers and year-round grazing. The hills, rising to 2000m at the highest point, are part of the Drakensberg range, and stay green from the low clouds which often cover them while land further downhill towards Normandien remains dry. The Moorfield Kloof, with its spectacular waterfalls and rock pools, is a major source for the Ncandu river which flows on into Newcastle.

Moorfield has long been recognised as primarily a Nature Reserve because of its rich and unpolluted flora and wildlife. It was first recognised by the then Surveyor-General of Natal, who built the Tin House (with timber and sheeting imported from Canada!) back in the 1890’s. Since then it has passed down through several families – from 1970 it was run by Oom Louis Cronje as a guest farm and resort for people from Newcastle. In 2006 it was passed on to the Muirhead family, and now in 2015 it has been taken over by Thomas and Sonnya Holtz, who continue to run it as a guest farm with overnight accommodation for up to 25 people and facilities for camping and day visitors.