Moorfield Mountain Farm off Muller’s Pass is now open to overnight and day visitors and campers interested in enjoying the superb walks up into the hills and spectacular clambering and swimming down into the valley and kloof of the Ncandu River. Nature lovers and researchers value the beauty and biodiversity of Moorfield, as do those who just enjoy quiet, respectful time in Nature. School parties and other groups are very welcome (and we’d prefer you did not bring your sound systems or quad bikes!)

Moorfield is at present primarily a nature reserve, attracting visitors from Newcastle and beyond for day and extended visits.  Our vision is to attract more visitors to our little-known haven and to have a small community of spiritually inclined people who live at Moorfield permanently. Moorfield has just been acquired by new owners, who want to spend their holidays and ultimately retire here.

The property includes a two-hectare ‘island’ formed by the Ncandu River before it runs into the kloof.  The river makes almost a complete circle around this island where most of the buildings stand. The land surrounding is mostly hilly grassland, which is ideal for a wide range of wildlife, but it is grazed mostly by cattle and a few waterbuck at the moment. The Ncandu kloof has a waterfall and rock pools that you can swim in, as well as many interesting places and spaces to discover.


Jeremy Burnham

Jeremy manages everything at Moorfield, very ably assisted by a family who have lived on the property just beyond the dam for generations – they help with the chores that need to be done and herd about 50 cattle and a lot of goats.

Other Inhabitants

Moorfield’s other inhabitants are a wonderful diversity of birds, a variety of buck, some noisy frogs (and others who keep quiet and excite frogologists by their rarity) and baboons.  (One of our big challenges at Moorfield is to get to enjoy the fruits of our orchard and veggie garden before the baboons do!)