Moorfield is a place of great natural beauty which has been incorporated into the Greater Ncandu Forest and Grassland Reserve, along with several other farms in the area of the Ncandu Nature Reserve. It is a guest farm and nature reserve tucked into the hills on the escarpment above Newcastle, Kwazulu Natal.

The biodiversity of nature and the beauty of its dramatic natural setting make it well worth a visit. Hike, camp, swim, braai, picnic on the lawns, in the hills, gorge, river, overhangs and forest pockets. Book a cosy self catering accommodation and experience the incredible natural beauty for yourself.


The elevation change within Moorfield’s borders are nearly 500m, as it lies directly on the escarpment. Please be prepared on visits to Moorfield that the weather can be changeable and we can experience more extremes than elsewhere. We regularly experience high winds, and sometimes more rain than elsewhere nearby. Be prepared!


Moorfield’s first ‘owner’ was ? Dimock, who surveyed it for the British during Natal’s short time as a declared British Colony. The original house and the large oak trees date from this time. Moorfield contains the sites of two Boer War lookout forts as they looked out over Mullerspass. Since that time Moorfield has passed through several other hands. The current custodians are the Holtz family.

We love hearing stories from people with long connections to Moorfield and its people, so please feel free to share yours if you have any!

The Thusi family have been part of Moorfield for some decades now as staff and farmers.

The De Waal family are currently managing Moorfield’s day to day operations.

Moorfield is now proudly independent of the Eskom grid! Since September 2019 the sun takes care of most of our needs. What does this mean for visitors? You might notice the old fashioned stovetop kettles and gas geysers instead of electric ones, but otherwise you might never know the difference.

Natural History

Moorfield is home to an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. New ones are found regularly.

Moorfield has recently been declared a private Nature Reserve, adding its beautiful terrain to the protected areas of South Africa in perpetuity. Every season has its own beauty, and discoveries to make photos of orchid, serval scat, snake, scorpion, grysbok, duiker, water mongoose, otter, genet, snow, ice, big cloud, sunset


Birding at Moorfield is gaining recognition from further afield with birding groups, both local and international interested in the variety of bird habitats there are to offer in the area, including wetlands, forest habitats, migration routes, cliffs, and high, undisturbed grasslands. Please contact Deon for more information.